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SAC Chairman Speech

Governor Speech Chairman of Saudi Accreditation committee
We welcome our visitors to the official website of Saudi Accreditation committee (SAC), which was launched specially towards the formation of an independent body to activate accreditation activity, one of the main activities to adjust the quality of goods and services.
SAC is keen to develop specific strategies and visions that contribute to meet the accreditation services for requirements and needs of conformity assessment bodies and all relevant bodies, as well as to work together to improve and develop accreditation activity in Saudi Arabia.  
In addition, SAC aims to strengthen confidence in the results of accredited services by its accredited bodies and contribute on consumer and environmental protection, as well as to assist the legislative authorities in making decisions about the reliability of accredited bodies' results. That would take part in supporting the national economy through provision of trade requirements between Saudi Arabia and other countries at regional and international level.
SAC's tasks are to propose policies for accreditation activities, and deal with the accreditation developments of each certification bodies, inspection and laboratories, with offering developmental regulations and plans to accredit Laboratories, certification and inspection bodies within the framework of applying the mutual recognition agreements in accreditation area.

Finally, SASO seeks to achieve the independence of SAC in accordance with professional practices in this area, we welcome any suggestions or perceptions that will improve the field of accreditation in Saudi Arabia, and we hope that this website will achieve your expectations, and answer content all your 
questions and inquiries for all accreditation issues.
Chairman of Saudi Accreditation committee