Accreditation of
Halal Certification Bodies

It is the evaluation of the technical competence of the bodies that grant Halal certificates in accordance with the Gulf Standard GSO 2055-2 (General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies), which provides the customers of these bodies with confidence in the competency of the services they provide. These certificates confirm that the product is Halal and demonstrate its compliance with the Islamic Sharia, which also ensure that the product is granted the certificate from a legitimate source or slaughtered in the Islamic way.

The following aspects are verified during the accreditation process:
  • Competence of technical, management and legal (sharia) personnel.
  • Adequacy of the facilities and equipment used by the certification bodies.
  • Providing documented procedures of tests.
  • Availability and suitability of the facilities and equipment used in the laboratory.
  • Existence of appropriate sampling practices.
  • Providing an appropriate testing environment.
  • Bodies that grant halal certificates in the public and private sectors.
Accreditation cost
  • Accreditation costs depends on CABs activity, scope of accreditation and duration of evaluation. The financial and related regulations can be consulted in the documentation.  
Duration of providing accreditation services
  • Accreditation services are subject to specific procedures and the timelines are defined in the Guide of Accreditation Procedures. It can be consulted in the documentation.
Service Implementation Steps
  • Application

    Application for accreditation is submitted by the conformity assessment body via the Saudi Accreditation Centre website.

  • Review of Application

    The Saudi Accreditation Center verifies the application and the relevant submitted documents for the completeness of the requirements.

  • Document Review

    The Saudi Accreditation Center reviews and evaluates the documents of the conformity assessment body.

  • Onsite Visit

    The Saudi Accreditation Center visits the premises of the conformity assessment body to verify and assess its competence.

  • Decision Making

    After ensuring that the requirements are met and that the conformity assessment body is competent, a decision to grant the accreditation is made.