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    The Saudi Accreditation Center was established pursuant to Constitutional document No. (600) dated 10/22/1440 AH corresponding to(June 25, 2019 AD), according to which the former National Accreditation Committee (2004 AD) was transformed to a financially and administratively independent center, called the “Saudi Accreditation Center” to be a legal entity, to have financial and administrative independence, and to be organizationally related  to His Excellency the Minister of Commerce.


    The center is the national unique body officially designated to that provides accreditation services for conformity assessment bodies in the Kingdom and is responsible for improving their competence, in order to contribute to strengthening the quality infrastructure and supporting the Kingdom's economy and prosperity.


    The center performs a set of tasks has several functions as defined in its regulations, such as accrediting conformity assessment bodies, providing training services and qualifying assessors in the field of conformity assessment, participating in international and regional organizations and bodies, mutual recognition of conformity assessment bodies’ accreditation certificates, and representing the Kingdom in international and regional organizations. Moreover, the center is responsible for coordinating with government agencies to provide data related to the field of conformity assessment, propose relevant regulations, perform studies and researches, organizing seminars and conferences and developing a database for the center's activity.


    We contribute to enhance the quality infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to reach the top 10 globally by 2030


    Providing trusted and innovative accreditation services in partnership with quality ecosystem stakeholders locally and globally, to increase competitiveness of the national economy and international trade

    Accreditation Services

    Registration of Assessors and Experts

    Capacity development is one of the strategic pillars of the center, as it works to develop the level of technical capabilities in the areas of accreditation and quality by providing general and specialized training programs to enhance the level of assessors and experts (collaborators), which in turn contributes to raising the quality of accreditation processes. If you have the experience, knowledge and passion for participation and teamwork, the center invites you to register in the residents portalf From Here

    Customer Journey

    Through this journey, you will learn about the procedures, requirements and documents necessary to obtain the various types of credits and other services provided by SAC.

    1- . Application

    Application for accreditation submitted by the conformity assessment body (CAB) via the Saudi Accreditation Center’s website.

    2- Review of Application

    The Saudi Accreditation Center verifies the application and the completeness of the requirements

    3-Document Review

    The Saudi Accreditation Center reviews and evaluates the documents of the CAB.

    4- Onsite Assessment Visit

    The Saudi Accreditation Center visits the premises of the CAB to assess its competence.

    5- Decision Making

    After ensuring that the requirements are fulfilled and that the CAB is competent, a decision to grant the accreditation is made.

    Newly approved entities


    • Tuesday, May 9, 2023

      SAAC Welcomes MOH Officials to Mark Accreditation of Forensic Poisons Center

    • Tuesday, March 14, 2023

      Saudi Accreditation and General Directorate of Laboratories of the Agricultural Agency hold a workshop to familiarize accreditation services

    • Wednesday, November 16, 2022

      Saudi Accreditation Launches the Service of Accreditation of Management Systems Certification Bodies in the Occupational Health and Safety Management Program

    • Thursday, November 10, 2022

      The Saudi Accreditation Center grants the first accreditation certificate in the field of medical laboratories to Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital’s laboratory

    • Monday, October 24, 2022

      Saudi Accreditation participates in Arab Laboratories Exhibition

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